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Water Harvesting

Water harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater that falls on your property and then putting it to use around your yard. Harvested rainwater can be used to irrigate lawns, trees and your entire landscaping.

Using Harvested Rainwater Helps:

  • Decrease your water bill
  • Reduce landscaping needs
  • Lower property maintenance cost

Water Harvesting Can Be Incorporated Into:

  • Your Existing Home
  • New Home Plans
  • Subdivision Plans

Below is a brief description and explanation of Water Harvesting, an excerpt from a paper written by Patricia H. Waterfall, Etension Agent at the University of Arizona Cooperative.

"Water harvesting is the capture, diversion, and storage of rainwater for plant irrigation and other uses. Harvesting rainwater can reduce the use of drinking water for landscape irrigation. Coupled with the use of native and desert-adapted plants, rainwater harvesting is an effective water conservation tool because it provides "free" water that is not from the municipal supply. There are many benefits to harvesting rainwater. Water harvesting not only reduces dependence on ground water and the amount of money spent on water, but also reduces off-site flooding and erosion by holding rainwater on the site. If large amounts of water are held in highly pervious areas (areas where water penetrates easily), some of the water may percolate to the water table. Rainwater is a clean, salt-free source of water for plants. In addition, rainwater harvesting can reduce salt accumulation in the soil which can be harmful to root growth. When collected, rainwater percolates into the soil, forcing salts down and away from the root zone area. This allows for greater root growth and water uptake, which increases the drought tolerance of plants. Limitations of water harvesting are few and are easily met by good planning and design."


Water Harvesting

Photo from paper written by Patricia H. Waterfall, Extension Agent, University of Arizona Cooperative

Complex water harvesting system with roof catchment, gutter, downspout, storage and drip irrigation distribution system

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